Disrupt yourself

If you look back at yourself even only three years ago, you might realize how all that happened in politics and economics has completely changed the way you perceive yourself and your value as a professional in the business.
You might see how you had spent time focusing on aspects that today have become not more than just details.
You’d probably have streched yourself on becoming a great engineer, or a great designer, architect etc…without worrying about the simple fact that the your world might have changed so that all this effort seemed useless.
When the descent to hell commenced, we fouled ourselves thinking that it could have just been a matter of location; no jobs in eastern Italy? Let’s move to Milan, no issues. No jobs in Italy at all? Let’s move to the UK. Not even there? Well Emirates or some other part may welcome us. What counted was getting the right skill.
When the master degree was in everyone’s pocket, we enrolled in several classes refining project management, team leading and some other “go figure” skills.
Some of us invested in a MBA that still has to be paid.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that improving was wrong or a bad decision.
I am just saying that most people focused only on raising the skills bar (which is different from the knowledge bar), forgetting about the rest.
Somehow, we all thought how to play best, we refined dribbling and trained to kick fast. None of us ever thought that one day the ball would have been taken away and the football ground closed. We missed that basic thing: no ball, no game, Mr. Champion!

Why did we fail to see that? And was it intentional?

There’s a question we forgot to keep in mind: what we are doing today is really all we should worry about? When Professors at University were explaining us tricky formulas and calculations, did we ever wonder about when exactely that would have made the difference, or we simply blindly thought to just “pass the exam”?
Even more guilty was pleasing your manager just to move on, become workaholic because “it’s what I am expected to be”, or simply being the perfect yes man because “this is what you have to do to avoid problems and being considered for a promotion”. Was it right? Now that you fit this profile but there are no jobs requiring it, are you able to generate it or your sheepwalking had totally erased your creativity?
I can understand this: very few people really have what it takes to deserve a promotion, a leading role or the ability to take over from their managers.
So people mixed in mediocrity and narrowed their vision to a bubble target.
Well, hey everyone, I am sorry to say the game is over.
My parents generation focused mostly or entirely on challenging the world ideas, on politics, on principles.
They broke the wall as in the Pink Floyd school, the same that we, their sons and daughters, volountarely accepted to be imprisoned in.
The world for us was already good enough, free enough, nice and funny enough, then we simply had to find a way to enjoy it. That was the message, this is how we grew up.We had to learn how to enjoy the world, but we only learned the theory.
We only learned that we “had to enjoy the world”. Nobody worried about the fact that there must be a world nice enough to enjoy. What did you do to prepare it?

We forgot that any system must be challenged, at least with questions. You must find answers before accepting the status quo or taking any decisions, otherwise other will take them for you and will tell you what to do.
Just to use a word that bounces around in everyones mouth or blog in this period, nobody is able to “disrupt” anymore. You know that you should do it, and you are able to make a fantastic slide with “disrupt” on it, but then you have difficulties in thinking how to do that.
You studied the book, but you did not verified what was in it, and if it was worth it.
Time to wake up now, dear honorable multy-honors-Doctor.
Now you know that living requires much much more effort: you will not find on Internet how to shape the world the way you like.
You have to TALK to people, you have to go deep into people souls and feelings, you have to talk to others hearts, and listen to your heart. You must wonder if what you are doing is bringing you to something you really wish to happen.
Now you know that the very first thing to disupt is, precisely, yourself.
Good luck!

2 responses to “Disrupt yourself

  1. Great article Andrea. I think you hit the spot. My colleagues are crazy about your post but they need … a solution 🙂 Maybe, a good side of the “global crisis” is that new generations will have to design their life and not just follow an already written path.

  2. Just some pill..
    We spend a lot of time to go along with the ideas of managers which in turn frequently have no ideas of their own but come from indoctrination to business from persons which are controlled like puppets, do not even have a backbone but they have power arising from position obtained according to their skills of being “yes man”.

    Continuing on this path we take the risks of a flatness related on what others want us to be, all in order to make the most immediate result, without thinking about the future neither to the short or medium term.

    We can see every day in politics and in private companies the run for sighting financial goals, to meet “market logic” with no addressing towards personal skill and collective progress.

    The Science, comprehension, our future and that of our children or grandchildren is going into the hands of those who think about to buy a new yacht, supercar for the short period of earthly life.

    The business goals are the financial ones, to the detriment of the human heritage .. and all this is allowed by the politic and its decline, they live thanks to the same bread.

    We need a minimum of psychological strength, sometimes at the risk of being unpopular or unpleasant to work having in mind the good of the private company as this is the good of the small community that works with you, and this necessarily collide with the interests of the individual manager when he has no interest in its employees as “numbers that produce numbers” and not what these people are.

    How many times have we seen small, isolated interests win in spite of a longer-term vision? And how many times to place 50 cents more in the pockets of investors, we have seen destroy the lives of small business owners and employees?

    Personally, I’d rather be disliked than being to be “aligned” or a “yes man”, I know to risk every day .. Luckily I have to do (now) with people who have a consciousness and an intelligence that exceeds the micro-business, I hope to continue like this.

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