Worlds finest: everyone

In the end, we all know the real reason why there is no money, no services, no jobs, no opportunties, and even worse no hope for this country.
Simply because there were plenty of these in the past, and all of them have been sqeezed and taken away without any respect. All of us, somehow, have tried to take away without giving back.
And we had good excuses for this, like “that’s common habit from everyone, why should I be different”, or “is better to take now because someday it may finish”.
Yes, we were right. And now it’s over.
We took off without putting in. We took the fruits away but did not replace the seeds.
There was no culture of being a GIFT to the world, while enjoying others gifts.
Yes, we heard about those “heroes” that somehow dedicated theit lives to change the world into a better place. We just like to use their quotes in our blogs or web profiles, we pretend to “think different, make a change, improve your life, shift expectations etc…” but we remain miserable.
When I want to laugh a little bit, I google around reading those resoundings job titles of so called “enterpreneurs”.
People much younger than me pretending to be entitled as “social media strategist”, “creative director”, “strategic planner”, “disrupter”, founder, co-founder and company CEO (even if the company is 3 months old and consists only of the CEO and some lines of code in an app recently acclaimed in some 2.0 idiots blog).

What a miserable world.
All their resume is just a cool pic, sending the message “I am a winner”. I see no hope, no future, no gifts in their eyes at all.
They are living bubbles, it’s the bubble of people trying to express an empty message in an empty fake bottle.
What exactely are you disrupting, recreating or improving? What are they doing to imporve understanding, collaboration and cooperation between people? Narcisism does not seem a good starting point to me, does it.
What is your clear purpose, which risks are you taking, what is the alternative you are tyring to create in order to refill the empty basket of hope, opportunity and wealth?
I may sound very nasty to you guys, but this is the message you are sending to me.
If you invent an incredible piece of software only to be acquired by Facebook or Google and getting rich, what exactley are you disrupting?
Again an opportunity has been taken away from the basket, and wasted.
But of course, your photoshopped pic will appear in some digital magazine, right above the title “Future Strategist”. You’ll be wearing a nice pair of Philippe Starck glasses, a teenager T-shirt, an expensive watch.

Will someone able to rethink our evolution steps, able to dig for a life to discover Troian ruins, willing to draw a machine to fly, living a life in meditation, working for peace and helping starving children, printing the very first book ever appear again? Is there anybody out there with a vision, or have you just personal business plans?


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