Ten commandments (updated release)

1) Live. Show up. If you think it is a great idea, do it. Enviousness for others or thinking that you are way better than others who do not deserve their success is the most stupid error you can do. And makes you terribly boring.

2) Do not bet, or gamble, or play those stupid “win for life”. It’s an insult to your intelligence to think that ass is the only way you have to make your life worth living.

3) Do not send sms to help “people in trouble”, for human rights, for reducing pollution or saving the medieval tower of somewhere. Do something instead. Help someone, listen to a friend, stand up for your reasons, do not produce too much waste and go visiting interesting places.

4) Do not vote. Never. Politics is not the answer. Nor is democracy. And not because they both failed. But because we changed so much that we it’s time for something new.

5) Do not send too many emails. You have a mouth. You have a face. Do not hide behind a server.

6) Respect your loved ones. The fact that you may look still quite nice even if your not young does not mean that you have to remain an adolescent for the rest of your life. Change is good but escaping is another thing.

7) Switch off your mobile from time to time. Not because it is a bad thing itself. Mobiles are great, and fantastic is the fact you can get internet every place you go. But the real world is still more surprising, believe me.

8) Being an enterpreneur does not mean developing a web application dreaming of selling it to facebook or google. All this startuppers dreaming of it are poor idiots. Especially those who really manage to sell their start up.

9) Respect yours and others time. Life is a limited resource. Illness is not an annoying incident. Is part of your life. A very bad and painful one, but still a chance to make your life shining amazing and respectful.

10) Respect LOVE. I write it intentionally in capitals. LOVE. LOVE is another name for OTHERS. As simple as it is. Competition sucks, career sucks, huge cars suck, five hundreds euros shoes sucks. Come on you asshole, TV is an illusion. Intentionally confusing it won’t make it real. No matter how much horribly ignorant and mean-minded you will become. Right will still be right and so will be for wrong.


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