My country (as I would explain my dog on a rainy tuesday dawn)

The source of economic growth has always been a twofold entity.

One is certainly the advancement of knowledge: if you can really shift current lifestyle with a big enough product of your genius, than you may really change the condition of your country.
The second of these sources, certainly not less important, is the accumulation of capital. If your country can manage to create those conditions for becoming an investments attractor, then it made it, itàs in the game.

If you consider what always determined the rise of nations and population fortune, then you’d come to these two main reasons.
Either your mind, or your pocket. Rarely the two of them together.

Then you may think that, considered the tremendous crisis we are facing, the government is trying to lead us towards the occurrence of one of these conditions.

It quite easy to discard the knowledge advancement as the key factor they are pursuing, so the second remains: becoming a good place to invest money.

Unfortunately, I have a bad news for you. In order to create these conditions, those that were present after the second world war, you must first literally destroy the country.
This is exactely what the current government is pursuing right now in Italy.
No wars, no weapons, no bombs.
They are experimenting something different. They are taking away everything from us in such a modern and smart way that it may unfortunately work.

And for everything they take, they have a good reason to explain why.

First, they took security away from us, with the excuse that controlling the flow of people from open frontiers of a changing Europe was impossible (or even immoral).
A common basic sense of fear is really a perfect condition to create that noise that makes extremely difficult for you to think.
They took away from you any trust on any form of politics, and sense of the country.
They had the fantastic excuse that as soon as a man reaches power, he loses his soul. And come on, you are italian, mafia is in your dna. You are the country of “shrewds”, come on.
The intellectual, political and even phylosophical decline of the country is evident.
What is less evident is the fact that this is the effect of an intentional process of drying up all the creativity and vitality of people.
When the cultural decadence in in process, is quite natural that people give away the control of their life to others, so that a real “casta” of bastards is empowered to rule the country under inequality.
The weakner the country, the more it is ready to borrow resources and technology from others. At a huge cost. That’s exactely how economics works.
They process requires to initially wipe any form of production away from here, so that the excuse was the relocation of factories (as if it was the cause and not the effect of conditions they created).
It was an hard task, as italians have always been good in producing goods and stuff on their own. But now that belongs to the past, and it seems so far away.
It is required to convince that the right way and the only way to be in the circle is buying from others. Resources, technologies, any kind of goods.
Once the system is in place, and the debt reaches an incredible level, then it’s time for taxes.
Tons of taxes, on everything. You have to pay a local tax to sleep one night in a 200 residents town. 90 cents per night, as decided by the majors.
Then fuel, houses, taxes on savings. They are really taking away from us the more they can, and making it appearing perfectly legal, and what is even worse, as if it was unavoidable and due to peculiar unlucky and unexpected economics conditions.
A good excuse also here: most of people did not pay taxes, so you have to pay for them. Another excuse? Politicians robbed, “we” robbed, and there’s nothing we can do about it. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it.
There’s plenty of evidence about how money have been burned, robbed and stolen. Even tv programs keeps showing this, on a daily base. Was that to generate a reaction? Not the one you expect. It made people used to it.
It become part of normal life.
Unavoidable, excusable, endemic.

Italians started looking each other in a different way.
Too many people with no job and no money at all. But there are also several other that are too much overpaid for what they do, as they do very very little.
Another good excuse, there is actually nothing to do, or you do not know how to do other.
But still stuck in between two conditions: shall I fight this injustice or shall I try to enter the system last minute, with some recommendation?

And time goes buy, moving towards a situation where you have no cards to play, the country got broken as italians got broken before.

They had to make it this way, as we were historically hard to kill.
Italians, in the end, have their special card to play at the very last second.
It took a lot to cancel their fantasy, to crash their sense of belonginess.

They made it appering as a “global” scale phenomenon.
They had to practice with Greece and Portugal, considering they were “similar” to us.
But we were harder to kill.
Then it would have taken longer.
They had to make it very slowly.
If they go faster, they risked a reaction, an unexpected revolution.
So it’s a slow flow of venom and anhestetic in our veins.
It must be done by respectable economists, with tie and high level of moral, and solid knowledge of Smith, Keynes and Ricardo.
They came the same way an invasion of aliens would occur.
No fight, a pacific replacement. We could not even realize it started and it was already done. Irreversible.
No one really voted for them, knew who they were, where they come from and who they are working for.
They are here to finishe the work, consolidating that discontinuity that grants the money flow process at a global scale.
It’s the nth historical decline process. Not the first, not the last one. But it is happening to us.

Once there will not be “Italians” anymore, but just a desolated land of poors, jobless, people unable to do anything as prolonged unemployment made any expertize fade away. Then conditions will be perfect for the reconstruction with capitals.
When we will be undistinguishable from today’s desperate immigrants, and there will be just ruins all around, then the time for investing money will come again.

And we will flourish; a brand new country, owned by others.

So what? Would you give up? Will you let them finish you?
Or will you start using your mind again?
Any residual of italian proud in your soul?

Your neighbour next door with such a big and expensive SUV will maybe resist a little longer, but his destinty is not different than yours.
So use your advantage, your second chance: reshape you mind, your lifestyle, towards an advancement of knowledge.
Do not give up.
May you save all of us.


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