Leave your Flog on the Globe

It’s a nice story. Two young and smart guys met in a customer office, both working as temporary contractors.
One is a talented developer, always willing to challenge his skills with new difficult projects, but working in a “on demand” mode.
The second, a curious and defienetely a go-getter. After a succesfull MBA course, he decided to team up with the programmer in a brand new initiative, involving a third guy too.

The talented programmer accepted the challenge.

As a good friend of these three guys, I could live closely their expreience, their difficulties, their bad times, their “discussions”.

I can witness for their numerous nights awaken, spent on discussing, inventing and programming.

One of these three, the last to join the team, did not really believed in the project, and jumped out.

The remaining founders worked even harder, and could finally jump over.

They are now much much different than the day they commenced this.

Their daily routine has not really changed (yet), nor their sense of feeling that life is reserving something more for you, if you just decide to “grab” it.

But now they are enterpreneurs, they are creative programmers, they want to leave their sign in the digital world.

I do really consider their experience so inspiring.

They imagined a service, they realized it was missing, they got deeply into Google APIs and technology, they added their “magic”.
But most of all, they REALIZED their project, they got it true.

Now a tangible projection of their skills, creativity and WILL power is present on the web, over here: www.toflog.com

I hope you will enjoy it, as I already did.

Let’s flog!

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