Back with a Book (review)


I am happy to commence the new year with a brand new post. I have not been writing for over four months, since I relocated, changed my life and started a new job. I missed writing this blog, and now I am getting back.

This post is to light up your curiosity over an interesting book. The title is not really encouraging for someone trying to rework his life, but I am chasing a new perspective and I know that the journey will be long, difficult, and pass through rises and falls.

Archeologists seem to agree about the fact that around 4000B.C. a devastating change occurred on human being; peaceful neolithic cultures and populations had been conquered and somehow destroyed by so called “Saharan-asian civilizations”, migrating after a significant environmental change and from territories that suddenly became arid.
The latter were patriarchal, devoted to war, applied social stratification and had little or no consideration for women in general. But it seems they somehow “became” as mentioned above from a long initial peaceful and egalitarian phase. In short, human beings at the very beginning were devoted to nature, respectful to women and did not oppress each other.

As they turned to patriarchy, war and unequal, they maintained these “principles” and spread them; it seemed to permeate the ego of human being so deeply that for the following 6 thousand years, until nowadays, nothing seems to have changed.
It may sound naive, but this is not.
Forget about rhetoric of people caring about living life in peace, of women movement for independence and about the idea of chance equality.
I do not care about bullshit and like to look at things as they are.

We are first of all one against the other. Always. No matter if it is for a job role in your company or for selling your product to a customer. It’s common to use the term “fight”.
You are fighting again a competitor, you are fighting for being promoted, and so on. They call it competition and of course it has been covered by a handful rhetoric of positive connotation. Competition is good, they say. But they call it fight, or war.
Second thing is equality for men and women. No distinction they say. Women can be manager. Wow. What does it mean for them? Well it means they are allow to behave like men, so being on top of a pyramid, ruling others. What about the unique and sacred value of femininity? They don’t mention.
It’s still often just a matter of women who won (again) a fight, so now they have been allowed to rule and allowed to keep fighting in order to keep ruling.
Think about it: it’s again the good old social stratification at work. Layers, where a leader command, and today she can be a woman.
Women independence is often explained as “today a woman is just as much as a man is”

Well guys, I think she is much much more.
What a conquer, guys. This pity that looking more carefully this is just possible in rare cases, and men still rule the fight and the game.
I look around and I see that real life is no different from what I have been reading on history books at school. Life is a sequence of wars and fights, whose result is just a rebalance of a social stratification, mostly ruled by men with coercive methods.

I may sound ridiculous to you, I know. You may be thinking I am sitting on the grass, with long hairs and a “peace and love” t-shirt, dreaming of an ideal world that will never come. In John Lennon’s words, you may say, I am dreamer.
What can I answer? My mind, as yours, had been filled for years with sentences like “life is fight, you rule or you get ruled by others”. This is just the human nature. It has always been so, and will never change. You lied or played dirty to win a game? Well, it is justified, all in all what really counts is being on the top of the game.
Alternatives? No.
Voices in your “conscience”? Just lie yourself and each other from time to time with some “beau geste”, just to create a nice show that sooner or later must finish or just reman and exception. That’s human nature and there is nothing you can do about that. Just try to calm your “conscience”, then simply … forget.

Well, this book tells you a different story. Things has not always been this way, and definitely it is not true for everyone. It just seems so.

Find the bright spot.
Make it happen, and do not fall apart.

(What’s above are my personal considerations. The book itself has different views and tons of other concepts and stimuli. Not an easy reading, but worthy.)


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