Starbytes: a freelance consulting platform

A few months ago I have seen a Reply initiative for releasing an on line service for freelance working over micro projects.

I say micro as fees are under 2Keuros per project.

Its name is Starbytes and it’s a way to work over ICT projects and ideas autonomously and online.

It b rings actually a new perspective for asking people and candidates to share their experience and resume.

In fact, it is not focused on the recruiter needs, but it’s presented as a real choice for the worker.

You just  directly link to a company need;  it’s not a mailbox to send the resume to, but it’s an effective autonomous decision of joining a social tribe of freelance young ICT workers, the Starbytes one.

Once you are in, it’s up to you to give the more as you can to be considered as a potential resource to assign job to.

I believe this is a fantastic idea.

You may join existing projects, or simply linking your profile to knowledge base areas.

But most important, you may offer your services, work and deliverables at a certain price. It’s then up to Reply to choose you or another.

You may also offer ideas and find support for making it real.

This part is actually quite complicated and worth investigating, as I do believe no one should give away ideas or deliverable for free. Anyway it doesn’t seems to be the most appreciated part.

You can see the concept of brewstorming, a kind of open forum for discussions over projects and jobs opportunities.

“Starbyters” may contribute to improve their own instrument, and that’s fantastic.

A few consideration from my side. I see this as a really good idea for those young engineers and developers willing to show up and link their name to effective deliverables.

Moreover, people is presented with a need, but they are allowed to propose their own approach and solution, and then giving a quotation to it.

You definitely somehow bid to make a joblist entry you short term next income source.

You results are rated then and you may move up to the list of best consultant and eventually being permanently hired.

Great advantages for the consulting firm is really having ready several solutions and possibilities, with standard documentation almost ready. And costs are strictly under control.

The difficulties is the amount of time necessary to atomize as much as possible development activities as well as screen proposals.

Freelancers have enthusiastically joined the initiative, complaining the amount of offers being not sufficient for the effective resonance the network has reached.

I believe this is an initiative worth of attention as shortcutting to young people willing to be active and demonstrating their abilities and not just faking a short resume with enthusiastic hobbies and interests lines.



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