About Changes and Choices

While preparing myself for the next big change I have chosen to give to my life, I have read the two books here below. I do strongly recommend them for a profound reasoning about life changes and the way we come to them.

The former, SWITCH,  is about how big changes may occur and what happen when a change is driven by someone.

I have been trying to use this book to induce those changes I was looking for when I decided to stick with consulting.











The latter, “The ART of Choosing”, as self explicating title may suggest, is a book about the psychology of choices.

This is the book I considered to read after having decided to quit with consulting, and chose to try a new adventure.

The two of them are fundamental for understanding the power of reason either in terms of “how reason works” and “how culture affects our perception”.

So much, too much we give as granted, believe we could control, but only seldom we may discern about feeling and reasoning.

We are so naive users of such a powerful stuff inside our head.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think to be a profound analyzer. I observe, I screen, I think. I break reality into small pieces and put them back together. I believe I carefully listen to every single word others say about life.

I believe I am the captain and the ship in under control, the instruments tell me about the sea condition etc…

I also admit myself sometimes the process gets stuck, and bells start ringing.

It’s my body. It’s the lizard brain that is telling me to prepare for the fight, or to escape.

I took a decision consciously and in the full control of my mental capabilities. Is it really so?

And if it is my decision, why does my stomach hurts? Why does my mind prevent me from sleeping? If the lizard brain feels such a danger, how comes a part of my brain have been so strong to override the control? And why the same decision has not been taken in the past, or better, why so far have I chosen the opposite?

How comes that the rational part of my mind almost everyday told me I was wasting time doing what I do, and my lizard brain always found a reason for staying? And on top of all, why this continuos need to take a decision, to make a choice, to stop and watch me on a mirror shouting “Time to move dude, break the rules, find the unexpected and follow it”.

Why, if my brain decided it was safer to keep a low profile executing those easy tasks others gave me, a mechanism in my mind sooner or later fails and choses the risky alternative, refuses any authority and feels the need of taking back the control steering, even if it provokes pain in my stomach?

And last but not least, why I did not manage to produce the change I dreamed of in the job environment I have been working in for 10 years, despite all my effort and my tentatives? What went wrong? Which words I missed to say? What I failed at in front of all the colleagues still telling me I was their inspiration?

How comes that only now that it’s almost over I clearly see how many minor changes and actions I could have done (and I missed too), just pointing to the big targets and forgetting that a big achievement comes in a sequence of small steps?

These questions must be sorted out: when you are in your twenties, there are some good reasons your mind finds for you or simply skips it and moves on.

But if you are a 36ers, as I am today, other reasons jump up.

First of all, ideas and feelings, Mind and Stomach, if you like.

The two of them, accordingly. You must come to a good and common agreement with both parts of you if you are willing to move the entire “package”, or understanding why I thought something and did the opposite.

Each of the two have proper mechanisms, rules, need specific exercises.

Our brain is as much as a powerful as fool machine we may fake several times.

We are not as serious as we think to be.

We are much much more predictable and easy to open up. But you need the key.

Once you come to a clear consciousness of the keys that work with you, you need to practice how to use them and easy the process of making a choice.

Become a good friend of yourself and watch every breathe you take and every move you make. Life is an amazing adventure, and it’s worth knowing how to direct the rudder of your sailboat to better use winds blowing to you.

Have a nice journey and enjoy. In future posts I’ll give you useful examples taken from these books.

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