The day Operators became extinct for not accepting to get back to their original job

Yes, sounds quite provocative.

But think for a moment.

If you are interested in mobile business, you’d probably heard about RCS or RCS-e. In short, it’s an attempt to give users a set of cross operator apps services they have been already using (some for at least 3 or 4 years).

It’s yet another attempt by operators to stay in a business environment whose air they have not suitable lungs to breathe.

You’d certainly heard about mobile Clouds, iOS or “Googleandroid” ecosystems, Korean vendors ecosystems, etc….

In short, it’s an attempt to shape the business of smartphones.

The business of smartphones in less than three years will be the business of our lives.

It is not a matter of calling, chatting, using apps and updating facebook profiles.

It’s the future of payments, personal data storage and exchange, localization, identification and living into virtual reality, sensors, healthcare…

It’ll be a “wearable” body extension we won’t be even existing without.

Guess who’s seriously working on this?

Yes, mobile vendors. Yes service innovators, developers spread around the world, whoever wants to come on board.

They will always need the network, some of the Brontosaurus may say.

Well, what if the world turned spread of (hot) spots-to-the-internet?

What if a device may reach the spot by jumping through a long chain of “similars”?

What if I’d just need to sync? What if a cloud may exist in the form of a “swarm” of devices belonging to the same ecosystem?

What if my TV may route me to my printer helping me reaching my car from my mobile, being the car under a sufficiently strong spot coverage?

What if my friends devices, or my family devices may help me to build this ring?

Ok, ok, I am running too fast in the future.

Or maybe not.

I am about to change my job and I’ll see the Telco evolution from a less internal perspective.

But the question remains?

How will the world be cabled in ten years?

My two cents: operators, get back to building the network, but try to change your perspective.

It’s no more a matter of covering the world, as it was when first railways or highways have been made.

It’s a matter of making a country growing, humans and machines being connected.

Stop focusing on copying other styles, apps or stuff others invented ages ago and are giving away for free.

I may be given a smartphone by banks in the future, or by the government itself.

Still thinking making margins on this?

Enjoy the movie guys, wherever you are watching it from.


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