The “MORE” consulting

If you have not been “made in china”, then you can’t get cheaper.

You have just one chance: getting better. The race on price has finished mate.
If your consulting strategy is based on that, you’re done.

Now think about how your consulting could be more

– fast?
– clear?
– open?
– reusable?
– modern?
– portable?
– easy to change?
– easy to use?
– precise?
– original?
– documented?

There are too many things you can be MORE, so stop focusing of what you can be less…

Stop talking about price. Anything involving price should not be interesting for you.
If you have been invited on a request for quotation, leave it.
Seek the “request for originality” instead.
It’s much more fun.
And it pays you back.


Spending MORE time in the office than others doesn’t count if you won’t bill that time, so please go home reading something interesting to implement tomorrow.


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