On “Vision of Innovation”, again

First of all, relax, find a quiet place, and watch over here:

After that, stop spending too much time over web sites like this http://www.oninnovation.com/.

Those who already succeeded have already crossed the dip you are already into right now.

Listening to then may be motivating you but hardly inspiring. They had their vision and it cannot be yours.

They’re just proofs that it’s possible, that you can make it. They can share their stories. But they cannot even poke you towards YOUR target.

I’d rather recommend you to carefully read this instead:


“If you don’t have that vision, what disrupter does?”

Organizations are seeking leaders. Leaders are those who have a clear VISION and may succeed in “orientating” company’s dipoles towards that direction.

Why cannot be you to show the path?

What is your VISION? What is the strategy you firmly believe in?


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