In·no·va·tion-[in-uh-vey-shuhn] (noun): A pair of glasses to see the future

A colleague (and a good friend of mine) has presented yesterday to the management an astonishing, sensational, spectacular presentation on Digital Market trends.

I really hope I could share soon with you his interesting insights worth meditating.

People like him are real assets for organizations aiming to walk the hard, long and perilous way of innovation.

First of all, I noticed that more people involved leads often to less innovation achieved.

Procedures and organization structures are not really synonymous of independence and creative state of mind.

In large organizations there is always a fight for having the nominal ownership of most interesting business activities.

As a result, those who should really lead are facing big difficulties. Moreover, tasks tend to be spread over too many people, often not really aware of the real goals to achieve.

The effective consciousness of where exactly you should go is fundamental. Effective communication is the answer.

Too many layers, people to ask to, permissions to wait for proceeding etc… are not ingredients of the innovation recipe.

Another common misbelief is the fact that people should search for ideas. Any ideas? Bring me some good ideas is what you are often been asked. Hours and hours of useless brainstorming spent over the whole encyclopedic knowledge. The outcome is, in the best cases, a slightly better knowledge or the business context.

Instead, what you should feel after these meetings should be pain. Pain for realizing that you haven’t walked a single step, pain because the world around you has changed since a long time and you just noticed the iceberg’s peak.

People shouldn’t be asked to bring ideas. People should be asked to achieve their dreams. Why did you stop dreaming? Please keep working hard on your dreams and use the company as a platform.

Everyone will benefit from this. Use your organization then. Use it.

Maybe your company or your management is far from being perfect,  it’s not working properly, problems are much more that positives.

I understand that is common. Then, take your organization as you would do with a lousy car for rental to reach your destination. Would you start from repairing it before the journey or would you just use it, reaching your destination as soon as you can?

Once you’ll get there, both you and the car will benefit from the arrival, you both got there! You could maybe start fixing some parts to drive other new dirt roads. Or maybe not. Maybe it could work this way for your next journey.

Getting back to my colleague presentation, I really hope he has been able to transfer that sort of “emotion” to attendants hearts and at the same time showing them the way to achieve results. Now I really hope those believing  him will accept to be led, regardless of their hierarchical role.

If in your team you realize there’s a rare person with the gift of knowing the road to walk for realizing a beautiful dream, don’t try to take advantage of him asking him to give you his idea. Not even ask to share. Just tell him “Thank you, how can I help?”.

That’s the only first step that matters in order to get anywhere.

Good luck.

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