When in hard times

In hard times you are exposed to some risks. You brain will look for excuses, for easy way out.

It will seem that complaining with someone else (i.e. your boss, your situation, the fact that you would need more money, that you should have done before and now it’s too late etc…) will seem a great solution.

Life is unfair, and you are simply a victim.

This will stuck you in a negative and dangerous state of mind where you must confirm this to yourself, then you will not do anything to get out from the  “shit”-uation.

When in hard times, just some advices:

1) Don’t talk about problems, especially to your friends or people loving you. Just talk about HOW you are planning to overcome.

2) Don’t stop smiling and looking calm, especially when with people making you nervous. And do not try to be pathetically pitiable looking for some kind words from them. There is nobody able to make you feeling better. Or better there is just one: it’s you.

3) If you realize your situation hasn’t changed, just blame yourself. Then go standing in front of a mirror and tell your self ” what do I missed to try?”

4) When the bad feeling of dissatisfaction jumps in your mind, do not reject it, but mentally list yourself the things you have done to change your condition.

5) if you think you have done everything but anything worked, just tell yourself you must have missed something or maybe you haven’t treated every aspect with the necessary care. Then try to repeat better, much better what you just tried to do without success.

The rest will come.

If you feel the same problem is not solved after some month following the 5 points above, then you maybe do not have the problem you think you have. You maybe just need to feel in hard times. And you need to keep problems alive.


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