The distorted reality of job market places

In times of crisis, a brand new TV show in Italy proposes a format with three candidates challenging a permanent job contract.

I wonder who could have been interested in such a program ten years ago.

Job marketplaces are experiencing amazing changes.

If you look at job listing web sites (e.g Monster),  several colourful brand new roles are appearing.

I have been amazed by corporate looking for an :

Innovation Specialist

What kind of job is that? Are they looking for inventors? I’d recommend Leonardo da Vinci to apply for that.

I also read about:

–          Expansion manager

–          Time analyst

–          Android evangelist

–          News Specialist

–          Stage, High potential leader

–          Java Jedi Knight

I’ve wondered whether if I could fit any of these, or at least if I knew someone who could fit.

Would candidate resumes change according to these new openings?

Do they still care about your master degree? Where exactly (in the Universe) is it possible to learn how to become an evangelist, a jedi knight or a “news specialist” (?).

Is there a real need of new market figures able to break the rules of current companies process?

Or is that just a pure attempt from job search web sites for looking more attractive, just dressing common jobs with interesting labels to increase their rank on massive search ranking?

Every change application requires a careful management.

If you need a football forwarder, you would post a “Experienced Forwarder, High Scores required” search.

But if you need Messi, or Ronaldo, would you post for a “Football evangelist”, or “Soccer ball Magician”? Would they recognize themselves?

I think it’s already implied that those top corporates looking for a Java developer would seek for the “Jedi Knight” among their selection.

So what’s the purpose of this naming? If you mean to discourage those who are just “average”, I believe you won’t get the point. Moreover, Jedi Knights normally do not surf job posting web sites.

And providing that those rare people, able to initiate art, revolutions, innovators and rule breakers apply for these openings, will employers be bold enough to give them real opportunities?

So far, “copy and paste” executors have been the preferred choice; what exactly has changed (if so)?

If I try to figure out what an Innovator could be doing on applying for a change, I see him submitting an incubator contest to grab some money for covering start up costs.

Or rather pushing on a vision of the future he is positively obsessed with.

Or trying to sell their brand new online CRM solution, developed during long nights awaken.

Do Apple and Google post searches for innovators?

Companies that choose the innovation way do not look for innovators, as you cannot hire innovators to “possess” them. You can only benefit from innovation, connecting to it, being part of it as a whole, as a business entity.

“Jedi Knights” surfing a job portal have maybe given up their mission and just decided to fight the crowded “clone” battle.

2 responses to “The distorted reality of job market places

  1. Citing Wikipedia, “A technical or technology evangelist is a person who attempts to build a critical mass of support for a given technology in order to establish it as a technical standard in a market that is subject to network effects.”
    The first time I met the term “evangelist” is within the “Linux evangelist” expression.
    I agree with you, the job marketplace is really strange these days: if they search for a brilliant engineer to rise the innovation in his business, why they search for a “new graduate, about 25 yr old, at least 2 yr of experience in development” ?
    But I think that’s a symptom of the crisis…

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