A pie for turkeys and eagles

I have read a lot today about Nokia – Microsoft agreement.

Everyone speaks about that as a way for Nokia to save from Google and Apple tornado.

Microsoft was already considered out of games, and Nokia’s trends curves don’t lie.

In the open letter, Elop and Ballmer state that “Microsoft will continue to invest in the development of Windows Phone and cloud services” only at the eighth (of nine) bullets.

The rest sounds like “Nokia grab this and make a miracle for both of us”.

But let’s consider this: the battle is never on market share, it is always on profits.

That is way Apple commenced directly with winning since the beginning.

So what will really produce effect on Nokia are probably the slim diet of 1800 heads, and MeeGo and Symbian with them.

Two turkeys maybe won’t make an eagle, but it’s a turkey’s world.

So let’s remain on the profits issue. The need to make money with mobiles. The need to cut the platform cost. The need to separate investments on hardware and platforms.

One will take care of the former, the other of the latter. And they are both interested in doing their best or they will be out.

So, considering both Nokia and Microsoft have the possibility to really deliver outstanding products, they will.

Big business company’s CEO already used to choose Nokia and Microsoft mobiles even when they were crap, so why not now?

Google have not took over yet in the world of PCs, nor has Apple.

So business phone are most likely to be “Nokiasoft” phones, rather then Google mobiles.

There’s not just a pie to re-slice.

There’s a much bigger pie.

In fact, mobiles need to be changed anyway, because of the mobile internet and app revolution.

Regardless the platform, they must be enabled to the “clouded” and crowded world of services .

A much bigger pie.

And bigger profits even if the relative share is reduced.

Another point:  “Nokiasoft” strategy will win even more if Asian player, used to win the hardware cost  battle, will remain out and join some other platform, probably their home made ones.



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