Can’t remember the name of

So, you showed up every morning on time, passed the badge and brilliantly did what your client asked you to do.

So you have been very kind and prompt with your manager the two or three times during the year he called you to ask for an information, a couple of slides, a short document including the key technologies you are good at.

So you never complained about money, never missed a single day on strike, never argued with anybody.

So you even participated at every Christmas meeting, kindly smiling to everyone, and three years ago you even told your name and two or three words about what you are working on with the CEO.

So you accepted to train and tutorage the three young colleagues entering your project area in the past 5 years.

So you even won the team building game during that human resources event occurred (maybe) 14 months ago, being the first to complete that funny tall building using only pieces of paper.


So you still wonder why so far you are still in the cul-de-sac of your project, you have not been assigned to any leading role or responsibility; your manager (who recently changed) has difficulties to remember your name?

How could this be?

Well, my friend, this is because what you mentioned above have been done by other 2000 of colleagues.

Now, it’s time to be remarkable. You played good soccer so far, as well as the majority of all the players in you big league.

Now be the first to score three consecutive goals while dancing, invent your personal brand new tackle nobody else can do equally, and change the rules of the game.

Possibly before the referee whistles for the end, please.



3 responses to “Can’t remember the name of

  1. And why not to change role, team, championship or, better, change even the sport you play? You could discover that’s better trying basketball than play in an average soccer team.

  2. That’s right. In fact I am trying to play soccer, and basketball, and tennis, and cooking, and writing, and singing.

    This year I want to see what I am really good at, and make the choice.
    I will not neither wait for an opportunity nor chase it, I will simply work on myself weaknesses, preparing my body, my mind and my soul.

    I am working on a special business idea I have in my mind now, trying to make it real (I will tell you as soon as I have at least a prototype).

    But as for being remarkable, you can do that even in a team where the trainer does not care about you.

    It doesn’t matter, the purpose is not being accepted or liked, the purpose is deciding to be positively remarkable.
    All the rest will come then. I just do not want to blame anyone else than me.
    I don’t want to care anymore about what others would think.
    I don’t want to find a way for others hearts, or interest, or approval.
    I just want to let the ARTIST, the INVENTOR, the LIFE LOVER in me shine bright out!

    Opportunities will come.
    At least, I hope so 😉

  3. Don’t forget to enjoy doing it! That’s the crucial
    part. As Tim O’Really says: “do something that matters”

    Ps: my first comment was written in a strange language! It wasn’t english! 😉

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