An eye on CES 2011


CES is the Consumer Electronics Show exhibit in Las Vegas.

Thanks to the web I am able to report some comments on this even if I did not have the chance to participate.

There have been lot of mobile, lot of TV and lot of mobile and internet TV.

Portability is the winner. Yes, nice audio stuff, and great 3D screens from Sony, but I’d really focus on portable stuff. Among wireless handsets, Android largely won. In fact, everybody can do a decent product using Android as a platform.

And that is the first big risk on buying Android powered crap .On the contrary, the pairing of high-end hardware with Android and high speed connectivity (LTE) can generate literally technology jewels. As from the rapid view of products presented, I have seen that Mobile Digital TV products looks crappy compared with Internet TV tablets.

But if bandwidth is the issue, is Internet TV the final direction or for real time broadcasting the pairing of a DTV togheter with a radio recevier can be a successful solution? Will these two worlds collide or one will bite the other?

The DVB receiver is still the key to keep broadcasters independent from mobile pipes..ehm..operators.

Will they succeed now that screens are much bigger (and platforms and hardware has evolved)?

Please note: DVB is established (even in Italy), and you just need a basic dongle and an app to pimp any device having a USB port with it.

Nevertheless, there are no apps working with tuner equipped devices or mediacenters.

Maybe just because mediacenters and devices simply do not have a tuner, uh?


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