Just ten steps far from gettin’ back to the path you thought you’d lost

1) Think and visualize in your mind where/who/how you want to be in 12 months (15 minutes). You should just dream, don’t let constraints like “hey my wife won’t agree” or “I’d need lot of money” or “my friends would disapprove” enter your mind during this dreaming.

2) Sleep on it (just let it stay in your mind and go to sleep, it doesn’t matter if you actually dream of it or not)

3) Write it down, big font, black text on white sheet, print it.

4) With your dream right in front of you, write down a plan to achieve it, step by step. For each step add the month you should have it accomplished for. Again, no time for excuses or “it can’t be real”. Wipe these useless negatives out of your brain (by simply concentrating on writing down the plan).

5) Give it to a friend. A good one. Not your girlfriend or boyfriend. I mean a good Friend. He should just pick you “dream and plan” and read it carefully at home.

6) Meet the friend, offer him a cup of coffee and ask him “so?”. I mean, the question is not “do you think I can make it?” but should be “do you see something I missed out on my plan?” or “did you notice some point you can help me with?”

7) If your friend is not going to support you, or you realized he did not take you seriously enough, just thank him, find another friend and go back to step 5. If he smiles at you and proposes some support, make him promising he will help you to stay on track for the next 12 months.

8)That’s the hard part. Go to people that matters in your life, like your wife, girlfriend, parents, son or daughter. Be serious and read the project title. Tell them you love them but that you absolutely need to do that. Tell them that this is as important as your life is. Tell them it’s a matter of your happyness.

9) List on a paper all the things and activities that occupy your day and start crossing those not being useful for your project.

10) Pin up the 3 sheets (project in the middle, task sequence on the left and daily things to remove or suspend for 12 months on the right) where you can read it every morning when you jump out or bed and every evening you jump in.

The journey commences.

Good luck, happy holidays and happy new year.

Sincerely Yours,


One response to “Just ten steps far from gettin’ back to the path you thought you’d lost

  1. Simply amazing…I never thought about this way for getting back on my way to what I really want.

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