Smashing a market, the how-to

Back to the good ‘ol times when your mind have been shaped as a (Microsoft) icon to click on, not to make mistakes.

After the cool trends on open source in mobile revolution, here come the “Restoration”.

Netbooks for dumbs, either Macbooks or Chrome OS.  Just click on the app. Just ask the cloud.

Easy. Direct. Fast.

What if it doesn’t work? No alternatives, just reboot and hope.  But there are little or no chances it doesn’t work. So who cares?

The touch screen fight? Dead heat. The apps fight? Dead heat. The platforms fight? Dead heat.They mirrored. Perfect deuce.

Form factors fight will match either.

Two big guys, Apple and Google, and the third one too far to recover (Windows Phone, it’s damn too late, too late to protect your products from churn).

All the rest? Breadcrumbs.

The two big guys began to fight in the smartphones arena. They completely disintegrated all the others playing there.

What? Still symbian and RIM having their big slice? It doesn’t matter.

Give time to cloud. The final bite will come.

The war tornado is moving on tablets and netbooks, then on notebooks, then on everything else somehow havinga foot in the Internet.They are light, they are mobile, they are sexy.

Give them some other market to play on, and they’ll break it up and recreate from scratch.With their easy, strict and off-the-shelf rules…ehm..apps!The “closed” against the “open”…ah ah ah ahm they got us guys, they really got us all!


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