When mobile apps get “dirty”

Mikandi is the world’s first App Store for Adults.

Their very first app delivered is a what they called a “FREE multi-speed vibrator system for the Google Android OS Phone/Device”.

Except that to me this sounds just ridicolous, it could be interesting to play a brainstorming game trying to find out how many possible secondary use there could for a mobile terminal.

That’ why I am organizing a brainstorming session with some colleagues to play around with unexplored interactions between the terminal and things we use on a daily basis.

I guess we could make something better than this, or not?

Taken from Mikandi.com

Mikandi app store has been launched one year ago.  They provide a way to the market of delivering adult apps that are not in traditional channels. They have a potential device base of over 6 millions devices. For the time being they only support Dalvik runtimes (Android OS based devices).

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