Smartphones RULE

The mobile industry world is changing so rapidly that it’s simply amazing and exciting to be inside it.
Especially if you resisted during the hard times.

What? Mobiles? Uhm, it’s not that cool anymore. The new frontier is on services, IMS, fixed convergence, VoIP.
You’d better requalify, they recommended me.

It’s like having spent 2 years in the secondary League, got back to the Major, and winning the world cup immediately.

The name of the team, just a small prefix before the old name: the “SMART-phones” team.

The two players who let the terminal team win have been Mr.iPhone and Mr.Droid.

The first one launched the apps revolution, reinvented the user experience and gave dignity to the word “browser for mobiles”.
The second one, as a rookie, has literally reshaped the market.

If you want to really reach the largest market slide, then you definitely must go mobile.


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