O Captain! My Captain!

It happens sometimes. You meet someone who seems to speak your language. Not the language you use with others, the language you use to talk to yourself.
You share a part of the journey, and inevitably you help each other, you talk each other, you share your vision of the big picture.
You halve sometimes part of the weight. You share good moments, and good memories.
You never know how long it will last, but you try to live it, the best you can, whatever that could mean.
For others, you are supposed to compete, to be opponents. But you already recognized as brothers, and all the rest seems fool.
When you participated of the joy for something like his daughters drawings, what else could matter more?
Dear mate, I don’t know if days, weeks or months remain before the road crotch comes.
I would be happy anyway, as we both know seeds are there, on the journey path. Forever.

This post is dedicated to my colleague Paul, “The Captain”, astonishing friend, and professionist to work with.


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