Marty McFly, consultant

If you managed a Telco consulting firm, which areas would you focus at, in order to be ready in the next 3 years to be at the top of operator preferences?

Which problems will you be asked to solve or being aware and skilled of? Which keywords for expertise would you need to search for in seeking resumes?

I would launch this mini survey, proposing a few areas to choose among from the right sidebar.

Feel free to comment this post and add yours as well.

1) Network capacity crunch problem solvers

Capex will shortly increase carrier expenses on the network. Not just the new access technologies such as LTE (Long Term Evolution), but also growing investments in fibre deployments will be necessary in order to ensure networks support of applications and services demanding high bandwidth. Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) will move the copper off? It will probably seriously commence to take over.

While broadening network capacity, new paradigms of charging and service access management must be introduced to limit the bandwidth hunger.

The introduction of quality classes traffic management and tiered billing will ensure Mobile Internet remains functional despite the traffic increase, paying the bill for network enlargement too.

2) Service interoperability and end-to-end quality measure consultants

Starting from deeply investigating customers analytics, choices and behaviour, modelling the new customers habits scenario.

Effectively distinguishing between a local unpredictable failure from bad engineering. Apply a smart analytic approach for defining the forthcoming reference product for comparisons. Before basing your charging on quality, you must be sure of your service quality management.

3) Media consultants

I know, you’ll complain we have been talking about the streaming TV revolution for a long time. But hey, the TV screen is finally in your hands, her current name is tablet. Think about all the broadcasting technologies and best practices knowledge you can derive from Media consulting.

Will Telco and Media continue to be separated areas?

4) Cloud services and platform consultants

Here comes the troubles. It’s always the same story. Carrier relied on 3rd parties. When they tried to create and lead the change, they failed. At least so far. There will always be hunger of people proficient with services, from design to deployment. What’s important is to focus on the right ones.

5) Mobile platforms ecosystems experts

Mmmmhh, yes, that’s a good question. Do operator really need such expertise? I say ABSOLUTELY. The entire world of business can benefit from a more effective use of the stuff they have in their pocket for calling. How can we be so blind not to see that there should be a consulting firm demo in every web marketplace?

6) Advertising Value Chain Consultants

I have been hearing about that for more than 5 years. It’s well known that advertising drives a lot of money, but why this time should be different? Why should this become a hot area for consulting?

Apps in mobile has led Ads in mobile. But there could be hundreds of way to turn an ad into a great and funny user experience.

Moreover, business intelligence will customize offers and messages for the specific user, all that from data only carriers can access to.

Yelling “Android Users Are increasing” and “iPhone, iPad and Apple stuff  will enable several interesting services” is no more sufficient to make you an appealing consulting firm to ask for support.

Get Ready!

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