Business data, analyze you should!

Look at this marketing strategy:

People buy netbooks, so give them some.
People buy iPhones,so give them some.
People like Apps,so give them some.
People didn’t buy our brand new OS equipped smartphone, so drop the project.
People didn’t buy our Apps, so drop the project.
People heard someone is working on something like a 4G radio technology? Go for it.
Wait, are they still talking about it? No? Thanks God, stop immediately the money leakage on it.

Did you see something familiar?

Don’t think Master Yoda is behind this logic, if you can call it so. It’s much more a “they move, you follow” approach. They stop? You freeze. It’s not that difficult to apply this logic, and the reason is that this is not a logic at all.
There is no intelligence behind this. The decision alghoritm is well defined: If… then…stop.

I know, I know, I should not judge as I don’t know the precise and complicated logic that stand behind Telco Operators marketing reasons.
Maybe I see just the final output. I just made a reverse decisions engineering. I don’t understand this is the common behavior in “hard times” for economics. Maybe.
I often  hear about the fact that operators are dump pipes because they cannot invest on innovation.Well, before investing in innovation, you definetely need to invest on something else first: business intelligence.

The opposite of “dump pipe operators” is “Business Intelligent Operators“.

You must decide your strategy for innovating, and make sure you correctly understood where market is going.
Once you can “feel” the wind direction, then you can decide how incredibly nice, modern and full of interesting stuff you can build your boat, and carry your customers to the right places, before anyone else.

I see huge amount of network data flowing, and being lost. They are just checked to prevent platforms failure, that’s it.
But right behind these numbers, and KPIs, there is what I call the “customer base genome”.
Their “BIO steps” is well written there. Yes, BIO, like “life” in greek, “Bios”. Like B.I.O.,
Business Intelligent Operators.

Can find any? I still do not see mathematicians, nor stats analysts, nor researchers around here.

But even more serious, I can’t find them in firms consulting operators, too.

Engineers, always just Engineers.

Marketeers following geek advices sounds a bit dumb to me. Better follow others choices. Better standing one step behind technology evolution.

And when someone smarter finally make a 5 years leap, they look at him, astonished, as if she was Master Yoda.


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