Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

It took me over 7 months to ready this tiny (about 150 pages) book from Seth Godin.

Written in “blog posts style”, it is a perfect sequence of wisdom. It has really proved me, and I tried to apply every single page during this long period.

What is about? It is about leadership. Not good leadership, not perfect leadership, just leadership.

A sort of “get your fat ass out of that chair and start leading” shouted to all those who are good at finding excuses and alibis.

Technology provides you a almost free and powerful loudhailer, and a window to start the domino effect.

It’s just you and the bravery to start.

Of course it’s difficult, of course it takes energy. But it’s not impossible. The book gives you great examples.

Revolution, according to Seth, start with a tribe. You to guide it.

Doesn’t matter if you appear, or simply keep the wheel moving. Just do it, the fuel is your passion.

I believe it’s good to have no excuses for leading (or not leading).

And it worked for me, at least I started somethign, I have been able to start a tribe.

I have not been able to keep it alive.

I admit, I gave up. But I also know what went wrong. And the book helped me on this too.

A tribe need to share a purpose. Which is not your purpose, it’s something that actually exist beyond you.

The book warned me, all those guys not willing to be in, must be politely invited to get out.

I didn’t, I listened to political correct advices to “keep everybody in”.

That was someelse’s purpose, not the purpose of the tribe. And the tribe refused it.

Leaving me alone, with this powerful book in my hands.

Back to page 1 then, as I want to lead again MY tribe.

It was….AMAZING! I want to make it happen again.

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