Spacetime freedom

I am forced to be in the office early in the morning, pass my badge, spend my working time there (if I am not going to visit a client) until a certain time comes.
I am not allowed to stay in the office after 10pm (of course it’s not difficult to have the permission, but I need to ask for it).
I am not allowed to manage my time, no matter if I extra-worked till late the evenign before.
I am not allowed to stay at home the mornign after if I managed to complete all urgent activities staying very late in the office.
I must come anyway, sit, even if the job is done.
When I chose consulting, I considered consulting as the fastest way to achieve this in Italy. I always dreamed of managing my time.
As I do not really distinguish in my mind between job and life, I dream of a life where I can manage my time, thus the time on job, autonomously.
Moreover, if you think, there’s no time freedom without space freedom.
In fact, today I am not only forced to respect regular time schedule, but also to sit every day on my reserved desk, close to the same guys, in the same area. In some way, I must obey to a rule on what I can see form my window when I work.
Well, time independence comes with space independence, and the possibility to work from home, from a bar, from a park, a lake or my bathroom.
Look for “space independence”, maybe you’ll manage to be free from time rules as well.
Happy week end.

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