Consultants as “men of tomorrow”

Dear colleagues,

do you ever think about “the” future? No, I didn’t say “your” future, I said “the future”.

Any chance you can answer this?

Future market
  • How will the Telco consulting marketplace look like in 3 years?
  • How will the technology scenario be modified (if so)?
  • How much of what you are currently working at will still be part of your daily routine?
Future of your job
  • How will your company be organized?
  • Will your client be likely the same as now?
  • Will you most likely be working on the same project?
  • What will be your involvment in your consulting firm activities?
Future of your Competitors
  • Who will be the leading equipment vendor in your area?
  • Who will be the stronger competitor of your consulting firm?

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