A romantic dead man walking, body and soul

First, take an hour for a deep reading of the free downloadable Mobile Developer Economics report from VisionMobile


When iPhone sales just commenced and were high, mobile experts thought that soon the device would have become widespread. Very smart, even my dog would have guessed so.

Then came a nice word to use: “smartphone”. Here how it sounds nice, “s m a r t p h o n e”.


Looks like something must be  in my pocket.

Rapidly, mid tier devices have been simply redisegned in a slide shell shape with a big screen and two or three buttons below.

Voilat! Here comes the low cost smartphone!

But the Apple stuff is still the coolest thing; as Java ME was running a bit outdated (not even mentioning Symbian), there was an urgent need of something….,  I would say…, “geeky” enough.

Google raised as rebels leader with its “Android”, while others organized several “open source revolution” events to mix up and spawn a plethora of OS, each with their own SDK.

Of course everyone pretended to be the most “pure” among “open”, and complained about fragmentation (as if BMW complained with Ssangyong for having built a car).

Someone proposed to deliver a platform and a SDK to the open source community but suggested to become the unique validation body. Once realized that “native open source developers” where sitting in another room sharing their  code, and the few listening were laughing, then they got back home and delivered yet another platform/SDK.

The other speeches with no listeners were the operators room. They had group therapy to tell each other “I am not dumb, I am not dumb, I can admit I am a pipe but not a dumb one”.

Then they decided to make a deal with developers: we will give you nice network APIs and cool market place to sell your apps.  Of course this will be quite expensive but if you come to us, maybe the son of  the son of your son will see the delivery of a useful network API, promised.

Pipes thought developers were dumb. But they were smart enough.

Back to Android, it looked more like a the name of a mobile manufacturer rather than of an OS, as you could find a different platform release for about each model launched (!)

In all this “tourbillon”,  the Palm funeral was pretty sad.

I still use a Palm Treo Pro with WM6.1  (a kind gift from Palm).  A romantic dead man walking, body and soul.

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