Bundling again…

For “just” 179 euro (when common price is around 20…) Vodafone proposes its DTT solution named Vodafone TV Connect.

Of course it’s not just a digital decoder, it’s also a wi-fi bridge to the VF station in order to activate radio connectivity and feed the irresistible meteo and zodiac widgets embedded.

Yet another great invention: putting togheter a decoder, a media reader, TV screen and VF station.

You might think this would have been a great chance to open a new business channel. But it’s not (yet).

You might think they could boost their decoder with funny apps and widgets working as ads to 3rd parties or making e-commerce available directly from the decoder. You might think they could have given the Decoder for free simply selling3rd parties the possibility to add widgets, and creating a new way to promote the Vodafone brand for people needing to switch to digital.

They didn’t.

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