… and the world will be as one

The company I work for is in the consulting business. This means that the core of its business is selling engineering consultancy to other companies.

In order to do that, my company defines its business goals by setting objectives and a plan of milestones. These are shared from time to time, especially short before a new business year is about to start.

Inside business goals reside business challenges. They are mostly in managers mind. Once reached, challenges is fuel for fixing more demanding and “challenging” goals.

My company delivers what are usually defined as … deliverables. Deliverables are each company employee output which is somehow accepted by the client as something we should be paid for.

Back to real life, who defines company business goals (and dreams of challenges) knows little or nothing about deliverables being produced. Who delivers, most of the times cannot name company current goals, or remembers the past years goals, or sometimes confuse goals with “makin money”.  Managers and engineers have often no clear understanding of company core business, the way it is changing in time, nor is aware of market (difficulties and opportunities) of the core business.

I tried to imagine a “semiseria” hypothetical interview to a manager and a colleague respectively.  I wonder why having in common the employer, the core business and challenges seems often not enough .

Q: What’s the core business of the company you work for?

Manager: ” the core business in consulting and innovation, finding solutions for client needs ”

Engineer: ” the core business is telco, electronics…automotive too, several…any business you can sell consulting”

Q: Please name major goals of your company for the next three months?

Manager: ” We need to increase our revenues of X%, incrementing our business units with at least Y units. We need to reallocate employees who currently have no project reducing the interproject rate of Z%”

Engineer: ” Uh…well I perfectly know what I must deliver for my client, I can tell you exactely all milestones of each of the client canvass…”

Q: Last internal and external deliverable?

Manager: ” I sent my boss a detailed report mapping our presence and competences among clients I am responsible for. I sent a client a detailed quotation for a possible turn key”

Engineer: “I……sent my manager a couple of slides about what my daily routine is.

As for the client, I just completed a software acceptance last night, a new platform for our client is up and running and it has been great!”

Q: Please name one company challenge and one personal job challenge.

Manager: “Lead Telco consulting market in one year. Become a Business Unit Senior manager”

Engineer: “Placing more consultants..? As for myself… earning more money?”

One response to “… and the world will be as one

  1. really really a very nice chat!!
    And even if you said that ” I tried to imagine a semiseria interview …” It looks like a real one!!

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