Bundling vs. Inventing

Google TV is expected to come with the TV hardware itself.  It will be part of the Android extension for TVs.
For people not willing to replace the recently bought TV, the solution will probably be yet another Set-top-box.
I have seen many friends go buying an iPad and immediately trying to watch their Apple TV programs on
their tablet. I wonder if this application will actually drive Android for Google TV development into what I call the
TV replicants, i.e. all kidn of Android devices like tablets.
TV had huge troubles in jumping into the phone. Phone is still far from jumping into TV.
But maybe that could really be the way. Maybe this time…
ADSL reached the TV, leaving the voice call still separated. Voice had been already “bundled” into PC with Internet VoIP.
(To me there is no reason for not imaging the TV “bundle” including the headset for calling. All in all, TV controller has numbers on it.)
We had TV, we had phones, and we had the Internet.
Several rich guys  showing on a big white board a presentation on how they had the good idea of putting them togheter.
What are we inventing here? Nothing.
Just  (still) mixing things, making separate world of users meeting togheter, exchanging products, enlarging the customer base.
We are “powering” things adding other services, thanks to connectivity. They call it the “Internet of things”.
It’s a massive attempt to create something interesting using well known products.
But the magic ingredient is still missing.
When the first car was presented, the first flight took off, the first book was opened.
When the first heavy huge mobile has been installed with difficulties in a car, consuming its battery.
When I bought my first digital camera, with no need to be careful on how I shoot, just click and eventually delete.
We got something new.
We used it.
It changed our lives.
When I bought my casio with altimeter sensor and bearing, it didn’t change my life. Nor when I first had a chat on my mobile, or listened to mp3 in my car.
Having a device on my bike telling me whether it is going to rain or not, won’t change my life either.
Yes, manufacturers rely on the fact we can find it cool, and maybe worth spending some money on this.
But we are Technical Engineers. We should not just love technology, we should eat, breathe, and RUN engineering.

But we are “fake” inventors. We are just “bundlers”.

One response to “Bundling vs. Inventing

  1. It’s the same thing in music: deejays and producers very often are more important then authors and performers. I’m not shocked of this, contents are growing faster than ever and it’s important to find the best recipe to mix them. The same in technology. But sometimes you can find something really new. Something like any wearable device you can use to stay connected to

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