What when…

…most, if not all the subjects you work on everyday are useless? What if things you support implementing are idiot, or worthless exercises?

What should you do when the product you are contributing to deliver is a stupid idea that in the best cases will be ignored, in the worst will be adopted by people, taking our society a leap closer to the edge?

What when you read about spy programs and radio bracelets for controlling children’s communication and movements?

What when you read about growing virtual cabbages via mobile? What when everything is turned into a playground for fat & dumb adults?

What when everything is a joke, when serious is perceived with boring and futil is perceived as funny and smart?

Making money producing rubbish just because your neighbour do so is really unescapable?

Is online shopping really far more interesting than spending more time with you daughter?

Does your child really need 150 euro Armani shirt as daddy as the same bigger version?

Are you serious when you tell your son not to care but anybody but himself, nor anybody is allowed to teach him anything?

Are you serious when you would like to kill someone just because he is driving too slowly on your way home. And does it give you permission to attempt killing people walking just because you have to pass?

Are you so important? Do you really think you are? Are you so special? Do you really believe you should earn more money? That much?

Really? Do you think you are beautiful? Are you really conviced everybody thinks you are 10 years younger than your real age?

Playing is funny, isn’t it.

And I am boring, am I.  Sorry for disturbing, I apologize.

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