Waiting for the “iENJOYLIFE” App release

Enjoy doing what you’re doing. There is one, simple, basic rule.

Of course, but we break this rule every single day. We do not even enjoy a single thing of what we do sometimes. But they can’t admit this. We often lie.

You lie, don’t you.

You can say I resist. You can say I compromise for money, or some other reason.

You actually start enjoying what you are doing, but what you are doing is lying. Joking yourself around?

Yes, I say You pause. That message on facebook, that offer on ebay, that pair of shoes description. That (good ol’) sms. That Gtalk chat sounding like “busy uh? No? how are you? Life is a bitch”.

And so on.

If you have time to spend on this, then you are not busy at work. This is why you do that at work. From your PC. If you do that during your 8 hours office work, once you can leave the office, you’d certainly avoid this on your mobile.

Because you’ll be finally free to enjoy your spare time, enjoying doing what you are doing.

It hard to enjoy using an App. When you enjoy, you usually do not need many technical complicated stuff. You don’t need special tools.

You enjoy listening to music, not using your iPod. You enjoy writing a story, not typing it on a brand new pocket light notebook. Well, if I enjoy watching movies, why should I stream them on mobile? I would certainly go home with my home theatre super 200+1  equipment, or going to cinema for a 3D experience.

Never needed broadband while enjoying, while experiencing something nice.

Reply to this post right before posting:

No man, you enjoy when people notice you, and reply your post. Then you enjoy being on facebook 24hours a day. And once you overcome boredom by playing Farmville, you tend to keep playing day and night, even when watching a movie.

You do not even exit home if you are not dressed cool with latest fashion stuff.

The only way to get it cheaper is staying connected with the auction.

And what about simple questions? Or finding a place? If you can’t check on google or can’t find the best route to latest happy hour bar you are lost.

Moreover, Apps are something to discuss about, play with, like cards, “hey check this out, cool uh?”

Believe me, people need this, and use this, then you make money.



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