Will you really let Brands stick ON you? (it seems so)


Mobile advertising. Again.

The picture gets clearer, Brands will save time on sending mobile ads customized and refined campaigns, in a few clicks.

They rely on the fact that you will be certainly  willing to dedicate yet another slice of your time watching ads video or replying a question message about preferring red Ferrari shirts or yellow ones.

They think so, as they see you constantly seeking for new incoming messages on your social network, digitally interacting anytime and anywhere, even sitting on the wc.

They rely on the fact you are so poor and unsecure that receiving a good ads message with a special discount will lead you buying yet another palliative stuff to temporary feel better.

Personal targets are dropping, pushing hard for reaching your goal is far more difficult than stopping for the n-th time in order to discover who made your mobile ringing. Incoming message, incoming offer, incoming opinion poll.

They know your want to be called away from what you are doing.

I am sorry, I must read this, just one moment.


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