The Importance of Being Earnest

Maemo and Moblin island collision generated a wider Island under the flag of Linux.

Welcome to MeeGo, states the sign at the entrance.

“Com’on guys, let’s merge this way”, and a community grows wider.

For the time being, this is a place accepting only “different” citizens; netbooks, ebooks, special handeld TV devices and so on, in a word the internet devices you wouldn’t call mobile phones (no matter how smart they are). MeeGo is the country of no-phones.

MeeGo is for giving live to the internet tentacles trying to reach your pocket (while smartphones are those stuff in your pocket trying to reach the Internet).

In fact, looking at their site, they carefully call “pocketable” a phone icon.

If you are pocketable media handheld device, then you are in. If you are a smartphone, you are out.

Just a matter of naming.

Telecom Italia CuboVision is a weird enough object to get the passport admitted to MeeGo.

It’s a merge of several things itself.

Lucky him, it’s not a phone.

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