7,5 hours worth spending

From November 2009 until last months I managed to organize 5 small “events ” using company’s office after work-time.

It was a matter of 1,5 hours per meeting, a total of about 7,5 hours of each participant’s spare time.

Less then one working day.

Only 2 or 3 colleagues participated at every session, the majority went 2 or 3 times.

In less than one working day, nine colleagues had the change to present themselves to the group, their project, their passions, anything they liked to share.

Our human resource leader came once to introduce career steps reorganization.

We also had the change to pledge at Xmas and have a slice of panettone together.

(I repeat) in less than one working day.

After these meetings, some colleagues could finally realize who is who and who to ask for needs.

Someone felt inspired, and told me he could see his work from a different point of view.

(I repeat) in less than one working day.

Someone came from Milan to be with us, thus driving home for 2 hours back home afterwards.

Some other come even if it was heavily snowing outside.

Speakers spent time preparing slides, schemes, animations, in order to simulate discussion, and faced the public whirl of questions.

Someone even spoke about himself, his feelings when facing everyday challenges after a difficult period.

Someone present himself right after joining the company.

(I repeat) in less than one working day.

I’ve always broadcasted my invitation to the whole group; no matter if someone never got back, not even declining the outlook invitation.

Nobody wrote me back “I don’t care”, nor “please do not bug me with that anymore”.

They simply remained silent. I accepted this. This is good to me, because this is normal. This is the way life goes, this is way chances and results are for some and not for all. They simply decided to embrace something else, and surely this was the best for them, and I am happy they did not come as they could not miss what they liked most doing.

This was just a chance, you are free to miss it in order to take some other chance.

After the last meeting, I have been asked to stimulate those guys never responding, never getting back, a total silent mail address.

I have been told I must involve them,  speak with them,  enlarging the group, let them in, or finding a way to it.

I spent the last month thinking about that, trying to figure out the right thing to do.

My final decision was to quit broadcasting invitation, but as this was exactly the opposite of my company request, I decided to quit organizing events.

Here comes my reasons:  I firmly believe that those who participated are heretics. They stood against indifference, they produced an effort, they gave part of them for free, for the sake of improving the group.

The others decided to stay out of this and in to something else.

Who am I to say this is absolutely the best choice?

They had 5 chances to give a sign of life, to acknowledge. They did not.

I firmly believe this group does not need these followers.

The scope of these meetings went in the opposite direction. Thus, this is simply not for them.

The company is for them, other chances are for them, not these meeting.

Then, as for those I organize, this adventure comes to an end.

It’s been a great time guys, thanks!


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