and they call this advertising…

Even the Sole24Ore newspaper tried to disguise it as an extra feature on forthcoming smartphones: yes, I am talking about mobile advertising.
Developers will be allowed (ooohhh) to include massive ads in their application, trying to make their way for a (finally) succesful business case over selling apps.
It’s an old, long story of no success in Italy so far.
Free calls after listening boring ads messages did not meet customer expectations,  nor the sms spamming over mobiles.
They also tried to find their way through banners (remeber Live casting services scrolling you your screen and draining you battery?)
Well, now it’s time again for “yet another attempt for mobile ads“.
I actually played with the funny fashionable Fendi app or Dolce & Gabbana fashion channel, but these mobile catalogues still need to be integrated with direct purchase services , special price offers and the chance to log onto restricted shopping clubs.
It it true that big screens togheter with positionig features can ease the way for finding shops, and shop tags are to me the real
true ways for mobile advertising.
A QR code link to a web pages over mobile will never be worth a fancy box or a smiling lady with mini skirt kindly inviting you to try.
But that is just my humble opinion, and we all know that people is changing, and too often prefer to click a link rather than saying “Hello!”
Of course the real mobile ads techncal scenario is a sort of complicated puzzle and need to put togheter several pieces.
Transactions, for example. Will this finally speed up the merging over a standard for secure purchasing via the mobile phone?
Getting back to the marketing part, we all know that must be specific and customized on a personal profile.
I should be able to propose you exactely what you like, what you expect, what attracts you more.
And that is not just a matter of collecting info affecting your privacy, but is also reaching you with the most effective and less invasive
kind of message.
Find here the attempt to deliver a guideline for jumping over the mobile channel without exceeding limits, cannibilizing the bandwidth or compromising the service.
A quick reading tell us we are just at the beginning of a very loooong journey.
And, most important, we’d better avoid the good ol’ spamming.

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