Malicious Badmouth

It recently occurred an internet tam tam about mobiles and operators resposible of spreading malware and trojan using mobile.

Common technofan blogs titled their articles “The Android virus!” and “Vodafone spreads worms and malicious code” about the Mariposa problem in Spain.

Of course, facts are quite different.  It seems that some SD card distributed within some mobile package were actually infected by a botnet.

Thus, when connecting the mobile to the PC, if the device contains the infected SD card, the botnet passes from the card to the PC.

As a result, the mobile and the fact it is an Android phone is just by accident and it is not a significant fact.

Both the Android platform, the HTC mobile and the operator (Vodafone) are actually irrelevant.

The real news should have mentioned Windows (not even quoted in most articles).

Of course it has been pointed out how efficient has been the plethora of PC antivirus in saving the world from the new ” curse” coming from mobiles.

Will the antivirus “angels” save the mobile “evil”?

Come on….


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