Wholesale consulting


The larger the customer base you’re aiming to reach, the higher you should move the standard entry point, the interface between what “uses” the part below and what is provided to the part above.

Once you reached the right layer to standardize, you need to enlarge the participants.

The “open source” operators make up led simply to renaming these groups from committees to communities.

Alliances, bigger ones, yet another “biggerer” one.

When they name operating systems, they say “such as Symbian, Android, Windows etc”.

What is “etc”? If you are a developer, this means you should not care. OS and network should be a black box for you (or a transparent box).

But that’s the point. Is that a  black box or a transparent box? The openness point has moved here now.

If for developers it is not so important whether the box is black or transparent, for suppliers and consulting firms supporting operators in middleware implementation that is a key point.

If it is a matter of  “apps”, we don’t really care too much. But for those apps formerly knows as (huge revenue) services…well guys…that’s quite interesting isn’t it.

Can operators be the “sellers” and some other be the whole resalers?

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