That ringing stuff in my pocket…

Of course there is a Winner (with W in capital) and is Apple, no doubt. Just one product. A clear, fantastic working solution. What I cannot stand is the (false) surprise about the fact there are several losers.

It is not sufficient to improve a (even good) open platform to compete with Apple, dear googlers.

We will see this year who (between Android and upcoming new Windows Mobile) will be able to crunch the Smart”-Mail”-phones share of RIM.

And operators choiches will also determine other changes.

It’s not the funny application that will take you to number one.

It’s the internet. Mail, facebook…navigator…and the upcoming new idea everybody is waiting for… it doesn’t matter what OS you will use to make it running… what’s important is to have a cheap flat data tariff and a cool enough brick able to launch them….

The market will be divided between internet and non-internet phones.

And to me just a very small slice of Symbian devices can be considered  Internet phones…

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