Survivor guilt (with potatoes)


I recently had a discussion with a colleague. He found strange a client had no feelings of survivor guilt when quitting contracts with externals.

I replied that was completely ridicolous and inappropriate context to see survivor guilt.

But I understand that crisis, depression, and the peculiar (WRONG) way consultancy is perceived in Italy can lead to this misundertsanding.

Too often, consultants themselves do not know what their job is, the risks and the characteristics of consulting.

Working on business as usual for so much time tend to make people confusing their role, where they are, and what they are paid for.

This make me listen to completely inappropriate phrases like “we are a great team, we should be never separated” said by a consultant referring to a competitor firm consultant. Or some others saying “my client will never quit my contract, we spent almost every week end togheter with our families for the past 2 years”.

This means that when something totally normal like a contract expiring occurs, they feel completely disappointed, and somehow betraied by their client.

Don’t forget the turkey lesson: he is fed in a warm place with good food and non need to worry about anything….till Thanksgiving day when he goes straight in the oven.

With potatoes.

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