More or less

Greater value at lower cost.
Industry is asking for this, we need to spend less but we pretend same or better services from you!
Outsourcing and consulting firms are obviously trying to answer.
Greater value at lower cost is a common slogan not only under recession.
Signs outside furniture shops, supermarket, dish soaps etc…
More for less.
If you ask my mother (almost 40 years spent dealing with “more at less” sellers), she will tell that’s a bullshit.
Industrial bullshit to customers.
Under recession, big players need to cut their cost. They are asking consulting firms to give “more at less”.
I have only seen three events leading a better product for a lower price:
– an overall technology upgrade revolution (but it was not immediate and took a looong time)
– a temporary promotion (which later lead to extra cost for the extra value)
– a process optimization
Process optimization is mid or more often long term and has a cost (for future huge savings).
I see no room here for greater value at lower cost.
Or better….
Greate value at lower cost is not something you buy, or you can pretend froma a supplier, or an outsourcer, or a contractor.
Is something up to them, something they should ask THEMSELVES.
Unfortunately, they prefer threatening to hire “high professional” Bangalore engineers, pretending they mean greater value at lower cost.
Come on guys, be serious..

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