Settling on settle down (for a while)


There’s often two of us.  For each of us.

No matter how reliable, secure, motivated you can look like. Sooner or later, the other side will (even if just a blink) come out.

We all have dreams… And we all have things we must do. We have responsibilities, we have engagements, we simply have our promises to keep.

You know, there’s a part you keep saying “not yet” to.  This must be “just between you and yourself”.

If you are here and you target somewhere else, and you keep staying for (any) reason, you are misplaced. And I cannot rely on you.

Think about your career.  If you realize you are off road for your second side, but your main side says “hey man, there are money to bring home”.

Then you are not off road at all. You are perfectly on track. Or not? (tell me guys)


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