Fast and … futil


Long time no writing about consulting. Here we go.

This mornign I heard about impressive comments on a recent solution for making money with gambling. “Whoa, these guys had a great idea, one shot, lot of money, no need to keep working further”. That’s obviously true, who would refuse to become instantly rich? But what about the greateness of an idea. Can we really make it a simple money calculation?

Consultants are often called for fixing issues, or covering emergency.  Sometimes consultants are proposing solutions, ideas, and business.

My colleague sitting next to me has actually spawned 3 big ideas in the past year our client considered extremely interesting, worthy to invest on them. And day after day, he has come to developing a technology infrastructure, ready for business…. And he is still working on it, expanding it, sometimes even “lipsticking” to make it almost perfect.

Taking care of it, every day, patiently. As a contractor, he is temporary assigned to it.

As a consultant, he is called to look forward, to make his way to a career as a consultant, far from where he left his “solution seeds” to grow.

Seeds” left behind by consultants keep growing, far from him, as a forgotten inheritance. The seeds are the ideas.

Do not forget about what you leave behind. You (consultant) do not just “make it work”. You give “momentum”, you give “motion”. You make things moving.

Evaluating a good idea can’t be just a matter of how fast you make money with it. It’s about what you can generate, what you can improve.

Putting lenses togheter to look at the stars has been a good idea. Galileo or Keplero were also looking for a good idea to rapidly make money; at that time making money was convincing a rich mecenate to pay their bills while they could keep doing what they liked most: taking care of their good ideas.


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