MANAGER or usually referred to as “manager”?

The above link will take you to an interesting article. In a nutshell, it warns people claiming (or pretending) to be “labeled” as MANAGER, that this is not just an “etiquette” matter, and a long list of “hard” things to do for being a real manager is presented.

Most of the points named are actually true, and definetely you are expected to be able to take decisions. The right ones, as you will not decide about the colour of the lunch towel but mostly about people and company future.

 I agree there is a common “I pretend to be a manager” syndrome. This occurs especially to guys in their late 30s, (most likely close to 40s).

Most of them have just grown older dealing the business as usual tasks some manager assigned them. Maybe they even spent some time on training. One course per year uh? Well, it is quite banal to state that is not enough and bla bla bla…

But no one names the list of things can really give you a chance to slowly turn into a leader, which is (imho) the requirement for becoming a manager.

I will list some. This is my personal list I scroll everyday. I also (sometimes) worry about the fact the time is running, but I think that the age limit (and in general ANY kind of limit) is only for getting the “label“, not getting the “core“.

1) Manage daily life stuff. Organize, coordinate and complete things you start (everything, at any level)

2) Do you have a manager? Then get inspiration. Do you think he/she is wrong? Ask him/her why he/she decided that way (of course only if you think it was not reasonable)

3) What differs you from managers? Just a matter of a couple of certificates? Get those certificates.

4) Staying at office same as long as your manager may not be a good idea. Is there any reason why you should spend more time at office then your peers (providing you don’t have more tasks of course, but be honest with yourself).

5) I KNOW that managers like being photographed with 3/4 cut and nice black dress, ties and crossing arms to that a very expensive watch is visible. Please don’t do that (even when you become a manager). And please, there are no good reasons why you should look so serious. Smile!

6) Managers don’t reply “mmh I don’t really know”. They say “I will carefully think about, let’s take some time to figure out what is the best way to solve this”.

7) Managers rarely forget. Almost never. I would say never. Yes, I am talking about commitments.

8 ) Everybody knows …little or nothing about a manager private life.

9) Managers move people and minds towards an idea. And everything seems so clear when they are  explaining.

10) Managers can manage. Always


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