Mobile Podcasting: my personal evaluation

A good excuse I used to explain why I spent some money on a iPod has been the fact that I would have listened to the iTunes podcast
on mobile technologies and consulting also while having a shower.
I am sharing here my personal evaluation for some of them, and I would appreciate your opinion too.
I would use “diamonds”, from 1 to 5, in order  to evaluate how much these could be useful for a telco consultant.

Engadget Mobile (♦ ♦)
It’s not technology. It’s so much talking and poor explaining. It like a magazine for geeks willing to buy, rather then being informed.
But it’s complete. It covers all the markets. It confirms impressions and groups several blogs evaluations.
The Blog version is much better to get news. They seems to have kind of obsession vs Palm Pre.
Good to listen while driving or having a haircut…

Mobility Today Podcast (♦)
Intro jingle, then absolutely vacuum. It seems they record this while having beers or something.

Mobile Tech Addicts (♦)
Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery loooooooooooong intro jingle.
Then visionary collection of “I guess, I think, I guess, I wish, IMHO…etc...”

WMExperts Podcast (♦ ♦)
If they are able to deliver a 1 hour podcast every single week NOW,then think about what will occur once something will really happen with WM.

AndroidGuys Blog Talk Radio Free (♦)
Cannot imagine something more distant to Android.

iPhone Application Programming (Standford University) (♦ ♦ ♦ ♦  ….but it’s a video course on iPhone programming, not a mobile technology survey podcast!)


Keep searching….


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