Today’s lecturer: Giorgio Faletti


Giorgio Faletti has a jurisprudence university degree.

Giorgio Faletti made me laugh out loud for several years as a smart funny cabaret artist.

Giorgio Faletti sold millions novel copies. He sang at Sanremo’s Festival with success and produced albums, even composing and writing songs for several famous italian singers.

He performed acting in some movies. He ran famous car races, he played windsurf.

He keeps doing things, and he does them pretty good.

Is there something interesting we can learn from him? Something a bit deeper than “clever, lucky, politically entrusted etc…”


he started from the right talent to show in that particular period (if he had started trying to sell a novel he probably would be still knocking publishers doors

he entered the entire artists world, exploring it and creating a  strong relationship network

he used the network to propose himself on a different perspective

he never turned back to things he did good in the past

he expressed himself only by interesting “products / results” (and not by taking part to stupid reality show or other bullshits)

This is a good “how to…”  build a career example, no matter if his books are really masterpieces or if you cannot even name one of his songs…

Would you add something?

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