Spidey misunderstood


I was walking around last evening, tasting a good ice cream.
The parking blue line warned about the fact that you had to pay (quite a lot) for parking, informing  you while the company managing the parking was not responsible for anything occuring to your car.

Total control of parking, no responsibilities.

It made me think once again about the contemporary trend to maximize control avoiding any responsibility.
People pretend to lead. Pretend to gain market share, to lead outsourcing contracts, to control projects from the beginning to the end.
Give it to me, they ask the client, I’ll manage for you. I will maximize your revenues, and maximize mines accordingly.
Nobody say, I will take care of developing this area, improving, or making this better, brand new and better.
Think about a parking company proposing the city major not just to manage parking payment check (granting incomes) but also surverilling  cars and streets, so that citizens and tourist can safely leave the car and walk around.
I can hear you yelling “oh, this would cost to much”. I know, I know, step back I am not stupid.
But think for a moment about the perspective change.
I buy a frequency to launch my commercial TV providing I take responsibility to transmit al least one hour a day of free english lessons.
I run for an outsourcing contract providing I take the responsibiliy to improve your process, to innovate, not just to cut costs.
Taking credits and leaving duties don’t pay long term.  We all can see this everyday, around us. This makes us poorer, and unhappy. And you mark these guys as “one of thise bastard”.

But nobody makes the change.

So, if you are choosing who can handle your “power” , consider responsibilities, not just SLAs.


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