A perfect way to waste your time


If you ask people what they would do if they lost their job, the very first common answer is seeking the follwing crap waste boxes formerly known as:


Mediocre and desperate guys keep seeking everyday in these places, as if the answer would come only from here.
They are BULLSHIT, and sticking on using them is a comfortable way to shut down you brain and surrend.
Believe me, these are effective ways to waste time.
I would also recommend you to unsubscribe from automatic job agents spamming you mail.

Recession lead to fake, unattractive, and sometimes even outlawed companies entering any kind of absurd nonsense job posting with the only result that you face and resume is stored in millions of database, bringing nothing to you and counting only for the web site statistic counters.

My sister is a recently top graduated young physicist.

If the best way for her to find a job were seeking the same web site a 35 years old man would use, then there must probably be something wrong.

Nobody, dear sister, should waste a single minute on these web sites.

I would recommend  a brilliant recently graduated in a recession period (like my sister) to read these slides from a 23 years old clever guy who changed the perspective and decided to break from the mainstram followers line.

View more documents from choehn.

I would summarize this with a most general “dont’ join a  (loooooong) recession queue, find your way to SKIP it”

For an old pal with some grey hairs as I am, the problem is hunting a career shift, not just a job. I would post soon on this, recommending effective ways to proactively and not passively hunting what you are looking for.

Check this out!


One response to “A perfect way to waste your time

  1. One more good tip from this blog! I mean, I’m going to 35 (no grey hair yet, fortunately  ), and I have a good job (fortunately again). But your words, and Charlie Hoehn’s, helped my brain to start working after summer holidays…Thank you, I’ll wait for your post!!

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