Creative is who creatively lives

Togheter with a friend/colleague/deskmate I am participating to an innovation contest.
We are asked to invent something related to gps and satellite technologies, an idea to improve people life.
You don’t realize how difficult is inventing something new.
I said NEW. No no no, that’s not new, I mean something never seen before.
Get it? Right.
Some good ideas came up, but they suddenly died at the question: would you buy this?

I wonder, what when HR asks you about your being a creative guy?
Do they mean if you can invent? I don’t think so. I think they mean if something else.
First, there is nothing you can invent from zero, you agree?
You can change, shape, bend, turn, toggle, shake upside down so that you cannot recognize what you started from. But the world already has all you need. But you need to find it.
Searching is being creative.  Seeking shelfs is  not.

Tell yourself, I am an EXPLORER. I am CURIOUS. I want to OPEN UP everthing and see it inside.

Inventing is not mandatory, though.

Today I bought my first flash for the camera. Someone else invented it for me. But now let’s see what I can do with it.


This post is dedicated to Claudio, who reads my blog. He is experiencing somehow the desert at work, but I tell him: “Man, you are a sailor, you can FIND the wind at any time”.

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